Drop Body Fat – Gym Workouts That Improves Overall Muscle Tone

I thought I’d write a quick article about the workouts I’ve been doing lately. I have got some awesome results training in the circuit style with a few modifications to suit my goals. Unlike other physio Northern Beaches, we provide direct communication to your doctor, to ensure they are fully aware of your progress and are also involved in the treatment planning phase.

Three and a half weeks in and I had gained six pounds with a noticeable difference to my physique. The six pounds have come from increased muscle tone and not body fat. I have to tell you these workouts are aerobically tough and challenging for me.

These are the guidelines I’ve been following:

I rest 30 seconds between exercises and 120 seconds between rounds.

I keep the reps between 8 and 12, dropping no lower than 6 on the last round. I’ve been keeping the weight the same for all the rounds so I don’t lose technique and this also helps me keep the reps in the bracket I want. I always perform a warm up round with lighter weights prior to beginning the main workout.

I do 3 workouts per week and change the workouts after 3 weeks.

These are the workouts I did for the first 3 weeks:
Rack Chest Press
Weighted Pull Ups
Weighted Dips
One Arm Cable Row (in a lunge position)
Dumbbell Squats

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
Wide Chin Ups
Split Squats with Dumbbells
EZ Bent Over Row

Friday: (2 smaller circuits)
One Arm Dumbbell Row
One Arm Standing Dumbbell Press

Calf Raises
EZ Reverse Curl
Rope Pushdowns (single arm) – I keep the movement at the side of my body doing it this way instead of in front. With this second circuit I don’t rest 120 seconds before repeating- I get straight in to it.

Week 4 to 6 went like this:
Monday: (5 rounds) – I increase weight on this workout as I go along.
Weighted Dips
Weighted Pull Ups – I keep the reps at around 5 on this exercise only

Wednesday: (2 smaller circuits – 3 rounds on each) – I keep the weight the same and reps 8-12. When I get 3 rounds of 12 – I can increase the weight.
Flat Dumbbell Chest Press
Wide Pull Ups

Shoulder L Raise
Arnold Press
Upright Row

Friday: (2 smaller circuits – 3 rounds on each)
Romanian Deadlift – into a Shrug and Calf Raise at top of the movement
Leg Curl

Incline Chest Fly
Swiss Ball Preacher Curl
Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Week 7 to 9 is the same as week 1 to 3. I’ve just done week 7. These workouts don’t get any easier. I’m happy with the intensity and the results I’m getting so I’m going to run with these a bit longer before I change anything.

The workouts from Week 1 to 3 (Mon & Wed) are the hardest so I think I’m going to stick to 5 exercise circuits in the near future and maybe do a Friday workout based on isolation only exercises. Check out the 5 exercise circuits.

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