Planning an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

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Now that Summer has finally arrived, it’s time for many ‘love birds’ to start planning and preparing for their outdoor wedding receptions. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you plan the wedding of a lifetime, without going into debt:

  • Read through stacks of wedding magazines and books to come up with the type of wedding you want – down to the tiniest of details. Organize your findings in a binder broken down by category: dress, decorations, food, music, flowers, etc. This will make it easy to keep track of everything you want your wedding to be and will help you organize ways to do it yourself and plan your dream wedding without breaking the bank!
  • Backyard weddings can be absolutely beautiful if the weather cooperates. Choosing the date for your wedding during a time where bad weather is minimal is crucial and it is always important to have a backup plan such as a tent or indoor location you can resort to if the weather ends up being awful.
  • When planning the food items for your outdoor wedding, it is important to note whether people will be walking around and mingling or if they’ll be having a sit down meal. If it is the former, finger foods that don’t require much silverware are probably your best bet! Be sure to have food displays properly cooled/heated so as not to have the food go bad throughout the party and if you’re worried about flies or other bugs, be sure to have food tents handy.
  • Location is key to hosting the perfect outdoor wedding. Depending on where you’d like to get married, there are hundreds of beautiful resorts that would be the perfect backdrop to your wedding. You could even make it a destination wedding and host a weekend event at a location that your guests will love to attend. A beach, cruise ship, or mountain resort. The benefit of destination weddings is that they often provide companies to use for party details such as park city catering, activities, floral arrangements, reception seating and tables, etc. Plus it can double as a honeymoon!
  • When it comes to wedding registries, rather than register for a hundred things you may or may not need, register for a larger item that people can go in on. Something that you really want, or really need. Items can include a honeymoon, amazon gift cards, furniture, etc. Gift cards are especially helpful if you’ll be moving in the near future and need to minimize the things you’ll be packing up and taking with you!

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